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Royal Flame 

You wore the mark of the Pink and Purple People…



You brought light to all those You encountered in the creativity of Your life…

Excelling in
Natural goodness 
Expertise in all the gifts You possessed.

Thank You for the inner-outer beauty with which You were wonderfully blessed; 
Thank You for shining Your bright, beautiful light, on All of Us;
Without Fuss.
Thank You for doing Your Best.
We Celebrate Your Essence as we lay You to Eternal, Peaceful Rest.

We love You, Princess!

Aunty Sonia

(Inspired by my dear Friend-Sister, Sonia)


I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

Eva is Miss Joy Full

Eva is Miss Joy Full

Ancestars-All Angles-All Angels Eva is Miss Joy Full  Everlasting Enthusiastic Love Voluntarily Willing to Care and Share Altruistically Adventurous  Full Joy Miss is Eva I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf you true! (SA_110223_1122.01)  Continue Reading

Youthful Newsreader

Youthful Newsreader

One Lineage-All Stars Thank You for BE-in-g Beautiful Energy… Judicious Authentic Youthful Newsreader Encouraging  Worthy apprentices  to spread Good News wherever they are Near or far At home by Air Sea or Car Energy Beautiful BE-in-g you are Thank you for all that you offer to every son and daughter  (Gift! SA_110223_1111.01) I palpitate my… Continue Reading


Magic And Majesty No-one-No-thing disturbs my  Perfect Everlasting Authentic  Calm Edification of self Why? I Am Always  Nurturing Energy Authentically  Respectfully  Earnestly  Responsibly  Tenderly Openly Gratefully  Obediently  Dutifully  In-Peace-Fully At One with everyone-thing; Moving my miraculous wing  I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf you true! (Gift! SU-251222-1204.01) Continue Reading

Tour of Your Heart

Choosing To BE Focus on Your toyh (toy) Your Tour of Your heart Let go of people places things; Anyone-thing that does not serve the path  You choose to walk The Golden Age gives us All Beautiful Energetic RE- starts;  RE-member Yaa! You Are Art Authentically Passionately Remarkably Uniquely  Transforming in the sea of Tranquillity … Continue Reading

Rollers & Coasters Ride

Soaring-Sun Life is like a Roller-Coaster Ride Railway tracks Open carriages Love Light Energy  Rollers Coasters Outings Attractions Steep slopes  Tight turns  Experiences  Riding-Joy Regular jaunts with the one In-car-Nation Daily delights & drama  Everything is taken care of by Mammas Nature Earth Eve Ether Choose your journey;  joy-ride-roll-coast-slip-slide You will never be denied Step… Continue Reading

Engage With Rainbows

True Colours  The Rain always has my Brain Engaged Energised Nimble Gracious  Ageless Grounded Elated Dazzling Always gift Thanks to the Rain  Returning Ancestors  Initiating Newness Engage with their Bows Beauty Opulence  Wonder-Awe Stunning presence  Engage with rain-bows Engage with Your Beautiful-RAIN-Bows  In All-Ways! Always! Gift Thanks! (Gift! TU_310522_0900.01) I palpitate my circles of light … Continue Reading

Listen to Your heART

I Am Listening to My heART Listen to Your heART Envisage Plan  Prepare  Trust I let The Creator direct My steps Let The Creator direct Your steps  I Am Blessed  You Are Blessed  I Am so Blessed  You Are so Blessed  I Am Truly Blessed  You Are Truly Blessed  I Am Awe-Wonder-in-the-Full Blessed  You Are… Continue Reading

Richard Is Blessed (RIB)

  Image taken Richard  You are blessed! Everyone here is blessed We are all blessed We are all the same internally ExternallyEternally We all have the same innate gifts It’s a matter of recognizing what we are Then we will find what we have And know how to use it Richard You are blessed!… Continue Reading

Evening Sun

Setting “When the evening sun is sinking and from cares your thoughts are free When of others you are thinking Won’t you sometimes think of me.” Sink not with the eternal evening sun  Embrace the god-to-us colours on the set Sing your soul-ful-unique-love-song to the golden gate-hour Free your foreboding fears; restore your power Focus… Continue Reading

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