View From Under The Ocean
 off roofs
 BOUNCING off grounds
Winds BLOWING Angrily; seeking to destroy

Ravines, Oceans And Rivers fill to the brim

Trickle, spurt, rush, drift and wind in a speedy motion

Roar with excitement; thunder as they go in full flow

Swelling up as they grow in molecules H2O

Oceans gallop, lash out, hit Seashore

Battering, grinding, golden Sands Of Time

Repeating their actions more and more with Rhythm and Rhyme

I am cocooned in my fishbowl listening to
Babies and Toddlers crying listlessly
Brisk dogs Growling, Barking loudly in the North
Wild Wolves Salivating, Howling Hungrily in the West
Ever increasing Blustery, most uncontrollable, Emotions in the East 
Stormy Songs being Sung and Squally Sneezes in the South
I am listening intently to the Unsettled tummies of Winds and Rains
SEWN together with the Tears of Season Spring and her siblings who Know
The Joys, trials, tribulations and bitter-Sweet tastes rebirth brings
I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

(Inspired by a wet and windy, Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, 26th 27th 28th March 2016;
awakened, at 2am on 28th, by the ferocious winds and rains).

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