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I Am Happiness Blessed

I Am Happiness Blessed

Beauty’s Eye

I Am Happiness Blessed 
Happiness Blessed with Healthiness
Healthiness Blessed with Wealthiness
Wealthiness Blessed with Earthiness
Earthiness Blessed with Willingness 
Willingness Blessed with Worthiness 
Worthiness Blessed with Holiness
Blessed Happiness Am I 
Blessed Wealthiness
Blessed Earthiness 
Blessed Happiness Are WE
I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

Annual Action

Free April….Resurrection May… Manifestation June…Salutation July…Pulsation  August…Jubilation September…Superannuation October…Maturation November…Relaxation December…Celebration January…Incubation February…Formation March…Meditation What Act What Actions What do you Act on To fulfill your purpose Monthly Annually  How much do you care for and Celebrate your  Adorable  Retreat-in-generous zestful Energy   How many avocado pears do you share  with your gorgeous in-dwelling special pulsat-in-g in-spiring… Continue Reading

Let The Sun

Pure-Ess-Energy  Let The Soothing Warmth BE Your Comforter Let The Sun Embrace Your life Let The Source Love Your life Let The Uni-Verse Light up Your life Let The Nurturer Give You Life You Are Beautiful Energy-Every Om-ment Moment! Let The Sun Enamour Your Spirit Feel All The Glory-to-Us-ness with-in-it Give Thanks! (Gift! SA_300422_1044.01) I… Continue Reading

Bring Out Your Best

Bring out your Supreme  Bring out your Supreme  Bring out your Supreme  Bring it out! Bring Out Your BEST Beautiful  Energy  Smiles  Togetherness  Bring Out Your Supreme  Bring Out Your Supreme  Bring Out Your Supreme  Bring It Out!!! (W_02032022_12:44.01) (Inspired by! Y1& Y2 MHall) Continue Reading

I Am Creation

Golden Eden I Am Creation Circles of Light-Love Resurrecting Eternity Abundance Timelessness Instinctiveness Openness Nourishing Nature Earth Eve Ether  The Life Source of The Creator Nourishing every creature  Forever Creation Am I (SU_25062017_1430.01) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading

Injoy Play-Days

Cycle Wheel  Days  Serve us in so many different ways They TIE us… Teach Inform Educate Help us to live life in flow As we progress As we Grow So many to follow… Birth-days Childhood-days Spritely-days Sumptuous-days Automatic-days Winning-days Mourn-days Tuneful-days Weeding-days Thirsty-days Frightful-days Satisfying-days Sunsational-days So many to choose from between the interval of… Continue Reading


The Creator’s Art I  Am Exiting  Winter Blossoming Focussing On De-Vine Christ Light The Mothers their children and Safe Sea Air Fire Earth Blossoming Focussing  On Well-Being Sun Heart Energy  Art Red Trusting my in-tuition Blossoming Focussing  On deep compassion Reflecting on t-h-ree L’s Light Love Life Focussing Blossoming On trusting in providence In building… Continue Reading

Breathe And Feel

Healing  In the Spirit Be Yourself Breathe  Feel the powaa Trust Your  Inner Me The creator Your Dreams Breathe Feel the powaa Hold the healing flower Draw near to  The Creator In the Healing Hour Breathe  Feel the powaa Inner Strength Inner Truth Inner Love Express yourself  Breathe Feel the powaa Inwardly  Outwardlly Lovingly Heal… Continue Reading

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