Golden Times

Beau After Rain


Suns Moons Stars are For/Ever-Moving- Aligning-In-Love-Light…Motion 

“Christmas Stars” come out to play

The Whole-Real-World excited for Days-Decades 

For Pals and Faja to reign…

Peace reigns 

Abundance reigns 

Love reigns 

Supreme Ultra-Violet New-Ray reigns

Faith reigns 

Ancestral Stars Rain

Joy returns to 



New Be-I-ngs to release 

Aquarius for His Reign 

Marking Our Sovereign-T…togetherness

North-East South-West 

Golden Times for All-Days not just Fridays 

Wonder-Full NEWS for Nature’s Success

(Gift! F-251220_0850.1240.01)

 I palpitate my circles of light  and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!


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