Out Of Breath

Magical Beautiful Energgy

 “My breath is out of Breath.”

Your breath comes in

Your breath goes out


Your breath is always at Peace


Vital Force

Animating Your Aliveness

Pause Your Eagerness

Your breath is… the Force that’s the best

Beautiful Ess-ence Sustaining Timeless Ex-is-tence



It is Never in need of Rest;

Your breath is Never out of Breath

It is Always-in-at-one with

The One-Breath who blesses All-Breaths

Breathe slowly! Breathe consciously

Feel the Love-in-enjoying Your Breath!

It walks with You…Willingly

Feeds the Love-in-You…Magically

I Predict Your Breath is…

The most Beautiful Gift You’ll ever get

Better than You’ll ever Expect… I bet!


(Inspired by the little ones I teach!)

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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