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HiiP (Heep))

HiiP (Heep))

Absolute Bliss 
Happiness leads to inspiration
inspiration leads to
inner Peace 
Peace which is a result of inner Chi that builds
Inner-outer Courage that creates

Circles of Creativity to light up
Our lovely

with your hiip


Gift Thanks for Absolute Bliss!

I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

(Gift! M_170220_2028.01)


Bee-Lightful In Eden Speak Simplify your life Prepare for Energy living Abundance Kindergarten-kindness Feel the Joy Feel the Peace Feel the Love Feel the Bliss Feel-Free…Bliss Feel-Free…Love Feel-Free…Peace Feel-Free…Joy No-thing can be better than this No-thing is going amiss One PEA One POD In this Golden Age W_110320_0524.01) I palpitate my circles of light and… Continue Reading


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Listening Part Two

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Over Flowing With Good Energy

Love Balanced l Age is a number only in Earth years You are spirit so Young Energised  Love Light Overflowing with Good Whole-Some Energy Well-In-Ness Yellow in Living Colour Ecstatic Creater of Life Liberated LoVe-in-LaVe-n-der Opening up to Oneness Wake-Full-Ness Know-In-gness First in me First in You First in We First in All of Us… Continue Reading

Out Of Breath

Magical Beautiful Energgy  “My breath is out of Breath.” Your breath comes in Your breath goes out Air-flows-within-without Your breath is always at Peace Energizing  Vital Force Animating Your Aliveness Pause Your Eagerness Your breath is… the Force that’s the best Beautiful Ess-ence Sustaining Timeless Ex-is-tence In-hale Ex-hale It is Never in need of Rest;… Continue Reading

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