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I thank you for the abundant
Wisdom and
Joy you bring to Goddesses and the world
You inspire the 3 R’s 
Through glorious smiles
 Enchanting music dance stories
Poetry songs laughter prayers even tears
Sharing participating and engaging
You lift up Goddesses from
The world of Matter and catapult
Us into the Celestial Ether where
We acknowledge who we are
Our true selves
Spiritual Beings of Light Love and Peace
Then we return to the world of Matter with the
Knowledge that we know who we are 
Recognize that we have many gifts
 to offer and share with each other
And our fellow souls
So we will continue to guard and protect
Our true identity whilst sharing
With all those who are vibrating
On the same frequency
 And you will be
At the helm guiding us
With Pure LOVE

(Inspired by: Day Of The Goddess 2011)

I palpitate my circles of light and love

to embrace and engulf you true!

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