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I Am Happiness Blessed

I Am Happiness Blessed

Beauty’s Eye

I Am Happiness Blessed 
Happiness Blessed with Healthiness
Healthiness Blessed with Wealthiness
Wealthiness Blessed with Earthiness
Earthiness Blessed with Willingness 
Willingness Blessed with Worthiness 
Worthiness Blessed with Holiness
Blessed Happiness Am I 
Blessed Wealthiness
Blessed Earthiness 
Blessed Happiness Are WE
I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

Breathe And Feel

Healing  In the Spirit Be Yourself Breathe  Feel the powaa Trust Your  Inner Me The creator Your Dreams Breathe Feel the powaa Hold the healing flower Draw near to  The Creator In the Healing Hour Breathe  Feel the powaa Inner Strength Inner Truth Inner Love Express yourself  Breathe Feel the powaa Inwardly  Outwardlly Lovingly Heal… Continue Reading

God’s Morning

This is… God’s Morning God’s Light God’s Noon God’s Day God’s Dusk God’s Evening God’s Night God’s Ether God’s Earth God’s Nature God’s Eve God’s Life God’s World This Is God’s Morning Give thanks!  Bless Every Time-Of-Day! Doing the Play. (Inspired by my sister-friend Jennifer Desagurante!) (TU_20062017_0639 I palpitate my circles of light  Continue Reading


Blessed Physical Energetic Artistic Motion Moving… pacing-toing-froing  Articulating… rising and falling to rhythms and colours Engaging… with zesty-soft tones and beats Perfecting… the experience of love-life-living  Peam PE… Art…Music… Beautiful Energies in Emotion-Motion (On waking up!) (All things the little ones love!) (SU_31032018_0304.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf… Continue Reading

Blessed is Humanity

Happy Creator I Am  Full of Grace The LAW Love Abundance Wisdom  Is with ME Memorable Energies Blessed Am I to BE Beautiful Energy Blessed is All of Humanity Thank You for Your Love and Blessings Now and at the OM-ment of my return Amen! (TH_04052017_0500.01) (Waking up!) I palpitate my circles of light and… Continue Reading

Grace Is Amazing

Watchers of Silence Opening the Book of Your Life, It states, You are Born Enlightened. Unknowingly,  Sometimes knowingly, You Lose It. Eventually, Whilst following the winding road, Searching for Your Purpose, You sink into Silence. Raising Your Awareness, You Find It.  Full of the great gift of Grace, Now,  Is Your time. Love it! Use… Continue Reading

Pea And Ace (Peace)

Bliss I am Pea.  My twin is Ace.  a & a-e Two Special Friends   blend  into  One Two Make P  E A C E Jointly To create unity For humanity Permanently Elegantly Abundantly. We are Awareness Centred Energy Adding Strength Vitality Zest Vibrancy Lovingly To Humanity In-Sp-i-rit-You-al-i-ty-in Sacred Time  Sacred Space  Sacred Place PeAce is Ace!… Continue Reading


Being Beauty Lovingkindness Imitating Spirit Service Bliss-Bless Blissed am I Blissed are You Blissed-Blessed are We Beauty-lovingkindness-imitating-eternal-spirit-service-Blesssed. (On waking up) (SA_08072017_0537.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading

Deep within Matter

True Motions Of Life Layers of green-tinted and plain leaves slashed  In a cruel callous attack. No consideration of what lay in the heart of it all. Eventually, the intricate twists and turns of the life giving system is revealed. Tender stems have matured into Still, solid, strong firm veins and arteries supporting developing Life.… Continue Reading

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