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East Star

East Star

Radiating Stars 

East Star




Eternal Energy 

Resurrecting crystallizing All that Shines

Gift thanks!

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I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

I Am Happiness Blessed

I Am Happiness Blessed

Beauty’s Eye I Am Happiness Blessed  Happiness Blessed with Healthiness Healthiness Blessed with Wealthiness Wealthiness Blessed with Earthiness Earthiness Blessed with Willingness  Willingness Blessed with Worthiness  Worthiness Blessed with Holiness Holy-i Worthy-i Will-in-g-i Earthy-i Wealthy-i Healthy-i Happy-i Blessed Happiness Am I  Blessed Wealthiness Blessed Earthiness  Blessed Happiness Are WE I palpitate my circles of light… Continue Reading

Liberate Your Natural Essence

Pearls Amidst Colours Connect to the vibrating Soul-Fuel  in Your Happy Healing heart  to meet-greet  Joy-Full-Solid-Soul-Fuel, Charity She will give You clarity and relief to liberate the natural Essence in Your spirit like that of the nourishing nutrients  from Mother Nature and All Her Children Embrace Your ESS Expert Signature  System  Share the gifts of… Continue Reading

Drink From Your Cup

All Is Divinely Blessed  I am drinking from the cup of  Celestial  Utterances  Providing  A fresh new approach to living and loving life from the heArt I am following my perfect heArt Sharing presents of in-heArt-know-in-gratefully in the Present;  I am representing the Presence’s-She-He-Art   Giving thanks is an Energetic-EssEn-tial Art Join me; take heArt… Continue Reading


Perfect Garden  Creater De-vine Thank You for making me Thine Thankful Happy-Healer Intuitively Nurturing Inme De-Child Seer Eating from the Fruits of Eden’s Wile; Wonderful Inspiring Loving Energy Effortlessly No-Thing is Hidden  All is there to BE Eaten All is Nourished All is blessed on De-Vine All is Blessed-Supported-Synchronized-All the Time Thank You for making… Continue Reading

Let The Sun

Pure-Ess-Energy  Let The Soothing Warmth BE Your Comforter Let The Sun Embrace Your life Let The Source Love Your life Let The Uni-Verse Light up Your life Let The Nurturer Give You Life You Are Beautiful Energy-Every Om-ment Moment! Let The Sun Enamour Your Spirit Feel All The Glory-to-Us-ness with-in-it Give Thanks! (Gift! SA_300422_1044.01) I… Continue Reading


Rekindling I’ve forgotten some… But not Everything that supports Eternal Life; De-Light is always available to Validate Euphoric Energy  Remarkable  Yellow Light-heartedness Truth  Happiness  Intrepidly Nourishing Gratitude… Validate the very thing that sustains your positive attitude  Release Your Faith Remember Your Joy! Remember Everything Share Your Prize. Give Thanks! (Gift! F_25022022_1155.01) I palpitate my circles… Continue Reading

Listening Part Two

Bright Beautiful Energy  Listen  To The Energy in the Mornings Capture The Essence Capture The Essential  Essence of All Sounds Absorb Accumulate The Queen-T-eacher-Essential–Essence Wait Watch Feel! Heal Harmonize To The Energy in the Mornings Breathe Believe Trust Live Love    Gift Gratitude! Especially in the Mornings  (Gift! TU-13072020-11:13.01) I palpitate my circles of light… Continue Reading

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