Inme Gets Curious

Joys of Childhood

First, I emerge from the waters of 
The Creator’s Universe.
Next, I observe and practise,
All that is given with love.
Then, curiosity gets the better of me;
I touch,
I squeeze,
I taste everything I see.

After, I explore to find out what I need to know.
Absorbing all I’m presented with and more.
Eventually, I create a store,
In readiness for future visits to the seashore.
Meanwhile, I practise movement art;
I sit,
I fall,
I balance,
I crawl,
Until I get this walking business to start.

I pose in my high chair.
Converse with my teddy bear.
Teach myself,
To fine tune the much needed skills that bring about wealth…

I ship all my toys across the family floor.
Flicking my food,
Applying it to my face, the door,
Hair and hood for sure.
Mummy says…
“That’s not good!”
“You need to chew all your food.”
I wonder if mums know,
The first few years of baby and toddler,
Are meant to be fuel that sets alight life;

The Joys,
The Laughter,
The Disasters,
Hopefully, without the need for plasters or doctors,
As we grow.
That’s the age,
When I, Inme De Child and others,
Take centre stage,
Get Curious,
And naturally do our best to use that God given power in us.
I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf true!

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