Journey To Maidenhead (Trees Part One)


As I journey along the M4 motorway to Maidenhead,

I see trees of all shapes, sizes and colours.                                  
They are just like people;
Big ones, small ones, little and large ones ;
Good, bad, indifferent and medium ones.

Unlike human beings, they are always loving and giving,
Never expecting to be receiving, however, reflecting the have and have-not.
Some form forests, others jungle-like clumps lining pathways occupied by walkers, joggers and runners who fail to acknowledge the lonely.
I take time to enjoy the view.

The beauty of the landscape takes my breath away!
Coasting along, I am encircled by Trading Estates, Mighty Towers Ginormous Structures and street lamps resembling… Extra-Terrestrial Souls!
Motorway signs evoke a sense of curiosity… Fairy Tales and Fantasy.
Left for Windsor Castle, right for Reading, BBQ’s and Farms.
My imagination runs wild as I conjure up the images of,
The Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk.

The sound of a car horn warning of danger brings me back to reality.
To all that I really want to see – The Trees!
Those caged like animals or demonstrating crowds being kettled.
The short and sometimes the sole, are hemmed in like tiny dots on
the verge decorated by SOS phones who appear to be carrying, “Men At Work!” signs.

The feeble and the insane reach out for support, “meandering in a mazy motion”(1), as the climbers creep past, viewing them with disdain.
To my right, I catch sight of the High and Mighty, supporting nests carved and weaved with intricacy by the resident birds.
Parades of Soldiers and Royal Guards stand to attention, well groomed and polished, saluting as I journey onward to Maidenhead.

Eyes straight, my peripheral vision circumscribe the green, open space and I encounter the formal, the rebels, the fashion conscious and the trendy. Some tiny shrubs of gold, dressed in dark green soldier uniforms, others wearing varying greens, with a hint of red, gold or pink and toppings of purple, mahogany and blue highlights, in accord with that applied to human hair.

I see choirs, club and party-goers, dancers socialising and having fun.

The SATNAV says
“Take the next exit!”

Looking left and right, I see trees waving and greeting others whilst

swaying to the beat of the wind; trying hard to resist unrequited love from Ivy et AL.

(1) Coleridge: Kubla Khan

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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