Little Budding Plants

It has been three years since you
Welcomed me into the Learning Family
There have been comings and goings

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With the ebb and flow of the tide                                                                                    
Which surrounds our abode
Ups and downs
Rights and wrongs
All normal parts and parcels
Happenings and occurrences of life

The children like the staff come and go
Most start off in Nursery
Just like little budding plants
They are potted into Reception then
Before you know it planted in
Key Stage One – Year 1
We tender them with loving care that
Learning Family steer
Feeding and nourishing them with

The Alphabet
“I Can See Sentences”
Full Stops.
“WOW” Words (adjectives)
Phonics with sound buttons and double
Helpings of Phonemes Graphemes
Digraphs and Split Digraphs
Trigraphs Fred Talking Blending and
Segmenting in Early Literacy Support (ELS)

Reading Fairy and Fantasy Tales
Poems that rhyme and singing and
Dancing to the beat of the Steels
Learning the 3 R’s
Chanting Values before going
On so many school trips
Growing in knowledge about Life
And before we know it they’re in Year 5
Hop skip jump and run in Open Play
Pass the ball! On the Games Pitch they say

On the Xylophone a musical note is played
To accompany those who swing and sway
On the Trim Trail every day
Young ladies and gentlemen they’re now
Sitting in Year 6
They have travelled so far and yet – right here!
Our job is done
To Year 7 they run
To continue to grow and learn
Still remembering the most important
Thing we’ve taught them……


I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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