Love Is And Can Be Always

All is Love

is                      can be                 always                is

L                O               V            E
a                 v                 e            a
u                 e                 r             r
g                 r                  i             n
h                w                 f             e
t                 h                 i             s
e                e                 e             t
r                  l                  s

Love is Laughter
Love can soothe anything that feels Overwhelming
Love always Verifies All Truths
Love is Earnest
Love is Love
Love is Love
Love is Love
Love is Love
Love is Love

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  1. Beautiful Poem Mother Eve, God bless the Works of your Hands because you choose to be creative regardless of Age. Powerful Celestial being you are. Much Love and richest blessings.

  2. A very good description of the benefits of LOVE. Thank you for always sharing your creative mind with us. xx

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