My Friend Jurina

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Have you met or seen my friend Jurina
She is clear and keen not mean
Caring with everyone she meets
Smiling and nodding as she greets

Time for her is of the essence
Working hard to be effervescent
She makes every effort to play the game
To always make a bright start
And she makes everything Art
Have you met or seen my friend Jurina
She is elegant graceful and really smart
Blue eyes and hair so fair that she could
Be mistaken for those who hail from
Northern parts

Loving and giving is what she is
Always passing and sharing the cheese
All those receiving saying…Yes please!
Jurina is living life with ease
Helping everyone by giving her best
Saving all and one in her path from
Stress and distress
Have you met or seen my friend Jurina?

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true! 

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