Nimbus Stratus Over Maidenhead

I was basking in the heat and
Light of the sun in Maidenhead
When on the spur of the moment
The light went out…                                                                                                

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An enormous Nimbus Stratus settled
Under the clear blue sky over Maidenhead

What a surprise after a day of sunny life
Admiring trees walking around the town
Lunch in the park
Beneath the clear blue sky over Maidenhead

Trains whizzing-by in the distance
Scurrying buses vans and cars scramble fast
Birds cackling pigeons cooing ducks flying
I am sitting in the picnic park
Beneath the Nimbus Stratus
Hiding the blue sky over Maidenhead

Dusk approaches slowly but surely
A bevy of visitors and shoppers leave for home
As the sun says its goodbye
So must I
After thanking the Creator
For another beautiful day

Despite the huge Nimbus Stratus which turned
The blue sky over Maidenhead to grey

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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