Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy

I see you physically in me                                                                                                                   
Thank you for protecting me

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Yesterday today and
In your own way                                                                 
Thank you for the vase
The drawing
And the Pinks
For the rings
All the pretty things

To my daddy I say
Thank you for the care
All the days we used to share
For being there
Shielding me dad with
Your Love and flair

To my daddy I say
Whenever I steer my ship into dangerous waters
You move the mountains apart so that I only need
To deal with the molehills
After that I move on thinking and knowing that
The next time I need you to open your gates of Love
You will be watching and waiting

To my daddy I say
The message is now clear!
Forgiveness Generosity LOVE
Life Force

Life Source                                                                                              

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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