Tones And Beats

Beat (acoustics)
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It’s all in the tones and the beats

The vibrations fill your spirit then
You automatically move your feet
To the rhythms and the moods
With or without shoes
You are dancing at home and in the street
Keep on listening to the music and dancing
To the beat until it fills your soul 
After that you can reach your goals
Of inner Peace
Inner Balance
Inner Silence
Inner Purity
Inner Love
Then you will shine those lights on the world
When you put on your white gloves
They will be your sincere sign of
Inner and outer Peace
That have been washed with so much
And filled with

Light filled with

Vibrations and

Nurturing colourful sound
Energies and wonderful
Sensations of beauty and hearing

Earth movements of melodious and harmonious
Art which is
Timeless and
Soothing as it brings rest and relaxation

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