What’s Life?

Life is about facing the challenges
That come our way
Life is about the little things
We do every day
Life is about letting go of the fear                                                                                      
That keeps us pinned to our chair

Life is about saying
Anything is possible for anyone
Life is about remembering

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To ask a fellow human being                                                                                               
Can I give you a hand
Life is about treating others
The way you love to be treated

Life is about making the choices
That are right for you without
Being detrimental to others                                                        
Life is about respecting yourself
So that others can respect you
Life is about taking responsibility
For your actions and accepting
The consequences that follow

Life is about giving generously
Without neglecting your needs
And wants
Life is about sharing
Meals pastimes hobbies homes chores
Good and bad experiences ideas
Emotions happy times

Life is about making a commitment
And sticking to it
Not playing games
Life is about creativity and survival

I palpitate my circles of light and love
 to embrace and engulf you true!

That’s Life for me!                                                                        

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