Let’s Do Lunch!

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Come to lunch you say
But the hustle bustle 
Of my day
Keeps getting in the way
Finally we meet sit 
                                                  Chat about all manner of things                                                                                  
All this and that
We exchange the latest news
On shoes bags and hats and
Communal problems facing cats
The world and its views as we know it
So many people try hard not to show
That they know there’s more to life
Than meets the eye then we explore
The deeper meanings of life and why
There are so many who spy
Those who have the chance to
But fail to follow through with drive
                                              And make the claim to sustain                                                    
  The gain  
 They had been searching for

We exchange ideas and jokes
About our folks and how we choked
At thoughts about our teenage years
Our hopes our dreams our fears
When we found our fun and ran
Around town to the beat of every drum

Moving and turning as fast as we could
Stirring emotions of all that was good
Reminiscing and reflecting on this
Let’s Do Lunch!… day
We discover not only our childhood
But all our days of wonder and play
That was…
Oh soooooo good!      
I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf  you true!


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