A Better Letter To Arthur Robert Itis

Rings of Love and Compassion
At Home
Thursday 14th August 2014

Dear Arthur

How wonderful to hear the good news 
that you will be returning home soon.
It has been over twenty years since you last saw your family so 
you will have an even better welcome
than “The Prodigal Son.” (laugh!)
Your mission was not supposed to last this long.

My heartfelt thanks and
Blessings! Go out to you.
Patient Coaching, Tenderness and Loving-kindness were your rod.
Thanks also, for bringing your friend,
The Book of Galatians,
to steady you when Doubt and Fear, your neighbours, came to visit.

I have loved the years we cried,
 laughed, fought, disagreed, prayed,
 meditated and centred ourselves together. 
Especially, the times we invited the amazing CASS Team to help us; bless them!
Calm, Attention, Simplicity, Silence.
They always take charge when the heat becomes overbearing.
These were exceptional times that I remember fondly.

Look after yourself; eat well; indulge in everything you love…
In moderation, of course, and above all, steer away from anything you know causes war (smile!) 
with your beautiful, sacred body temple. (laugh!)
You encouraged, persuaded and galvanized me to being who I am today:
An Attentive listener.
A soul who trusts, believes in, Loves me, myself and I 
so that I can communicate and see the same in others.

I will never be able to repay you but
 I will put all you have taught me to good use.
Although I will miss you immensely, 
I know it’s time to release you, from the huge responsibility you have had looking after me. 
You cared for me kindly, lovingly, with warmth and Compassion.
It is time for you to go home!
I will never write you a better letter.

I am sending  you
Abundant Love, Peace, Blessings,
Pure Positive Vibrations

With deepest Gratitude and Appreciation

I am and remain 
Yours Truly
(Inspired by: The Book of Galatians: 5)

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