I Know The Seasons

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Spring and Autumn
Summer and Winter
The seasons come to pass
And in that passing 
Everything and everyone
Blends in and execute their purpose in life
We are all born
We all die
We sow and reap  the harvest
We face dangers and fatalities
We cut our losses
We feel pain and sorrow but
We are blessed with the gifts 
Of time and Love to heal
We suffer loss illnesses and disasters
But there are healing tears to cleanse after
Movement laughter and music
Elevate and reinstate
The core of our being every time
I know these are all part and parcel of the seasons
We protect ourselves and change and adapt to the seasons call
They encourage love
And languish separation and solitude
They encourage winners and losers
Builders and growers
Givers and takers
They bless us with times for activity silence and conversation
I know the seasons
Spring – “A time for love”
Summer -” A time for hate”
Autumn – “A time for war”

Winter – “A time for peace”

The seasons are the templates of Life
They know how WE endeavour and strive
(Inspired by: The Book Of Ecclesiastes: 3)

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