No Thing To Nest

Comfort And Able Within

Good Rising Angels!
Walk in the Light
No matter what the plight
We have…
No thing to nest… Doubt
No thing to nest… Hide
No thing to nest… Fear
No thing to nest… Prove
No thing to nest… Protect
No thing to nest… Defend
No thing to nest… Dread
We are…
We Are Nothingness
We Are All Done For
We Give to one and All
We Are All Good-Ness
We share…
All Good things with Ness
All Ourselves with Ness
All our Deliciousness with Ness

We walk in the Light
No matter what the plight
We Are…
Through the Kindness of…
Simplicity and

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf true!

(Inspired by: Lisa Nichols!)                                                                                          


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