Sitting in the park
At 15:50 Greenwich Mean Time, today
I beheld a most extraordinary display
An Angel came out to rest and play
I am not certain if it was an amiable lady
Or a gentle man
They were not clearly seen in my vision
Black and white top
Skirt… No way
I’d say
It was red burgundy
Shorts or Culottes probably 
The Angel walked up to my Holy Tree
As though on a visit from the Holy See
Right hand stretched out; touched the bark
Head bowed; made a start
At communion; union in perfect silence
After two or three minutes
Head rose up
Hand withdrew
The Angel glided to the adjacent bench
Sat; broke bread
Gave thanks to the tree
For the relief it gives to You and Me
The Gas that aids our lungs and
Our Little Head of Red
I sat on the bench near the roses of pink and red
Smiled; gave thanks
Bowed my head as I observed and thought 
In silent contemplation; admiration…
It seems more like a woman…
 It was Someone




I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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