The Shorts

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She is a mover
She is a shaker
She is a player
Nothing binds her
That’s the Shorts
 She is so smart
Cake making is her Art
Chop chop shred shred
Another salad
Has been prepared
And as for her bread
It cannot be matched…
Move over Britain’s
“Best bread maker!”

A replica of her mother
There’s no other who can 
Bring clarity to any situation
By using her mother’s
Famous quote
“Give Jack his jacket!”
There are none who can hack it
With the Shorts because
She is
A cool operating mover and groover
A great whirlwind shaker
A pulsating player
Nothing can bind her
That’s the Shorts!
Salad shaping and baking
Home-maker and helper
Staying power
(Inspired by: my sister Irma)
I palpitate my circles of light and love
 to embrace and engulf you true!

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