Valentine Rose Gorian

I was given a rose of brilliant red
With Love
 On Valentine’s day
So of course I named her
V for Valentine
R for Rose
G for Gorian
 After the persons who gave her to me
She was the colour of richness
Newness… so red
Some petals wrapped so tightly
Around her throbbing heart
And the others embraced them
Like mounds of soft velvet
Looking elegant and smart
The green of her stem was
Pale and fresh and reflected that
Of the two or three leaves she still possessed
I placed her in a vase of light blue
Made for one
There she chilled proudly exhibiting 
Her beauty on the kitchen window cill
She grabbed the attention
Of everyone who visited 
For a snack a drink or a meal
Then one week or so later
I began to observe that 
Her petals were not
The same in appearance as above
They were letting go
Opening up and showing 
The hidden beauty
We had all come to know
Whilst releasing their sweet perfume
Then gradually they fell to the floor
One by one
Ten days later I was amazed to see
Valentine Rose was still 
As pretty as she’ll Ever be…
She stood tall and regal
 Just like queen Cleopatra
You wouldn’t have imagined
This is five weeks later
She was sitting on her throne
Still wearing her crown
Having lived and faced the process of
Now her vibrant colours so clear
Have faded and little by little
Her beauty and elegance had
Valentine Rose Gorian
Queen of majesty
Who was always composed
Has wilted
Her velvet petals… quilted
She will remain in her state of grace
Head bowing
Leaves dropping
With a complexion of deep burgundy
Until she is ready to make haste
And the transition
To that final resting place…
Earth’s soil

Now as I go on with my daily chores
I will always remember
The day when
Valentine Rose Gorian
Came home for a short stay
And gave me Love and Joy every day
I will think of her; those who made
Her part of my family often

And how Her love made my heart soften.
I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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