Broken at the Moment


Humanity is speaking 

“I just feel broken at the moment.”

You are Not broken!

You are sifting through the process; Significant Awakening

Sign off

Open Your shed; have a good cry



Your reality

Feel the process flowing in every cell in Your body;

Whispering to One and All

 On the Belle Blue Ball

In this and every Blessed moment

You are like a fully loaded spring 

at the moment;

Patiently BE-gin to unwind 

You have had a major stroke of eXperience

You are Not broken!

You are shining as bright as the brightest Ancestral Star

Let the tears E-mancipate Your BEST





Yellow apostolic light


Universal esprit de corps;

Sharing team spirit;

Raising Awareness 

Outdoing the challenges

In this and every moment.

You are Not broken!

You Are healing;

Your Guides Are with You Walking

Lay down not to die

Rest easy; sleep

Lift off; fly

See with Your Real-Eyes; the Real You

Glide with Your Guides true

There Are more than just a few

Broken in the moment-knot You Are

Give Thanks!

(Inspired: AJY_M_11042022-1113.01)

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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  1. An amazing poem, which is helping me through a difficult time. The words capture how I am currently feeling, and it also gives reassurance of better things to come. You are truly gifted and an amazing writer! Thank you for sharing your gift!!

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