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I Keep The Seventh

I Keep The Seventh

Queen Of Hearts 

I keep the Seventh to write the Create-Hers

Wonderful Wealthy Words

I keep the Seventh to Savour the Create-Hers Beautiful Energy 

I keep the Seventh for…



Knocking on the Create-Hers-His door

For All Of Us 

to Feel-In-Joy-Oneness 

Once More

Let Us All 

Create-Hers-Create-His-Create Ours

I keep the Seventh for gifting



 Love to De-Light

for All Things in Colour and Black & White

Gift Thanks And Praise We Are All-Right

We Are All Beautiful Energy so col-Our-ful so Bright

(Gift! SA_04032023_1033.01)

I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

No Tempest to Us

Tempestuous Turbulence Known for his ignorance  Sat coyly listening to an elder imparting words of wisdom About Sister Sun’s Fiery-White-Solar-Inner-Ray; Her De-vine-Light-Essence… Overseer  In days of old when Time stood still Humanity, Globally, agreed to fulfill  The promise they had stilled  In Their hearts to build The Art Of Knowing at will  Enhancing life and… Continue Reading

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