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Who Am I

Solar Source 

I Am Willing soul

I Am  Happy soul

I Am  Original spirit 

Spirit Original Am I

Soul Happy Am I

Soul Willing Am I 

That is who… 

Who Am I?

Who Are You?

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I palpitate my circles of light and  love
to embrace and engulf you true!


No Tempest to Us

Tempestuous Turbulence Known for his ignorance  Sat coyly listening to an elder imparting words of wisdom About Sister Sun’s Fiery-White-Solar-Inner-Ray; Her De-vine-Light-Essence… Overseer  In days of old when Time stood still Humanity, Globally, agreed to fulfill  The promise they had stilled  In Their hearts to build The Art Of Knowing at will  Enhancing life and… Continue Reading

Softly In The Moment

Oneness Of Stars I Attentively Momentarily  Took time to listen  Silently With my left ear Loving Energy Fostering Togetherness To Saturn Jupiter Our Sun Our Moon Our Ancestral Stars Aquarius The Age Whispering  Some-Sweet-Things-to-NESS Nature’s Ear Softly Simply Raising Earth’s VEF Vigorous Vibrations Enthusiastic Energy Free-birth-on-Earth Frequency I  Attentively Momentarily Embraced the rich thrumming sounds… Continue Reading

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