First Prize

Gold & Green In Full Flight

We have landed

Come to De-Light

Commit to Stillness; take a dive into the Healing Harmonious Vibrations

Open our Sphere-Cylinder-Eyes

Make the Link

We Do Not have to Think!

Everyone Receives the First Prize

COME see how we all have Special-Eyes

So full of Awe-Wonder so Unmistakably Wordly-Wise

When we choose to Wear Tranquil-Turquoise

Seek our Talents our Truth

Enjoy our Ultimate Uniqueness

Accept our Remarkable Resurrection

Feel our Quick Quantum Shift

Bless our Undefiled Nature

Thank our Original Spirit

Know our Innate Self

Embrace our Supreme Source

Bask in our Everlasting Energy 

Walk hand-in-hand with our Gorgeous God-to-us Prize…

Connect to I 

The Healing Energy that blesses all-Eyes

We have Landed

Come to De-Light

Gift Thanks!

(Gift! After a stroll in the park) 05042022_1309.01)

I palpitate my circles of light and  love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

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