Extra-Special Gifts

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The Creator The Universe
Mother Nature The Ancestors
The Life Force The Life Source
And The Sun
Are always sending me gifts…
Their magnanimity is beyond compare
Last week I received two very Extra- Special Gifts
They were delivered by a Stork
Both wrapped in blue
So I knew the gifts were two baby boys
You can imagine my Excitement and Joy
At the sight of these two little miracles
I said Thank You to the Stork
And he flew off with the thought of his next delivery
I cradled the little bundles of joy
As I reached for their little feet
I noticed they each had tiny white ribbons
Tied in a beau around their ankles
I pulled them to discover a message…
“Extremely Delicate and Fragile”
“Please NURTURE and care for with LOVE and ATTENTION
Delivery guaranteed for eighteen years
All expenses are non-refundable”
I smiled and thought…
How blessed am I
To be so lucky to become
A parent-guardian
On behalf of The Universe
 Loco Parentis
“In the place of a parent”…
In the meantime
I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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