I curtailed my journey

 I am in limbo
My arms and legs akimbo
I suddenly find myself
In the middle of a mystery
No! It’s not a murder!
You make me shudder
Please don’t interrupt
I need you to listen to what I have to say
Out of nowhere I have acquired this “Knowingness”
At first I thought it was a test
But it now appears to be my best. . .
Best at reading
Best at listening
Best presently 
At writing intuitive poetry
Initially it terrified me
 I know that this “Knowingness”
Did not stem from inside me or Terra firma
It came from powers greater than me and my mother
I have had so many visitors over the years
Trying to put out the fears
However they were all driving in different gears
And the vibrations
Created by their actions
Were such a distraction
So I turned inwards and asked my parents
The Ancestors
The Life Source The Life Force
Mothers Earth and Nature
Earth’s soil
The Trees
The birds the butterflies and the bees
Not forgetting 
The Sun 
The Moon
The Stars
The Universe
Then the answer was spun but it wasn’t a yarn
It was all part of The Creator’s plan
That this “Knowingness” was placed adroit
To the right in my heart
So that it would become my Art
(Inspired by: Louise L. Hay)
I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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