No Tempest to Us

Tempestuous Turbulence

Known for his ignorance 

Sat coyly listening to an elder imparting words of wisdom

About Sister Sun’s Fiery-White-Solar-Inner-Ray; Her De-vine-Light-Essence…


In days of old when Time stood still

Humanity, Globally, agreed to fulfill 

The promise they had stilled 

In Their hearts to build

The Art Of Knowing at will 

Enhancing life and living without pills

No membership needed no guilds

Focus on the Days Of Our Sun’s Fiery-White-Solar-Inner-Ray; see Her luminosity in glass windows sitting on sills

Accept Her Gifts without invoices or bills 

Travel the world no battles uphill 

Gift Thanks to The Creator for all the thrills 

Stay blessed silent simple no drill 

Remember grin-laugh-giggle downhill…

Turbulence paused for thought;

This is not my ways 

I’ll catch them on their lazy days

When they are distracted by the dramatic links in their plays.

The elder bade them all-good… no tempest-u-ous-days

(Gift! F_251220_11:58.01)

I palpitate my circles of light  and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

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