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HiiP (Heep))

HiiP (Heep))

Absolute Bliss 
Happiness leads to inspiration
inspiration leads to
inner Peace 
Peace which is a result of inner Chi that builds
Inner-outer Courage that creates

Circles of Creativity to light up
Our lovely

with your hiip


Gift Thanks for Absolute Bliss!

I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

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Annual Action

Free April….Resurrection May… Manifestation June…Salutation July…Pulsation  August…Jubilation September…Superannuation October…Maturation November…Relaxation December…Celebration January…Incubation February…Formation March…Meditation What Act What Actions What do you Act on To fulfill your purpose Monthly Annually  How much do you care for and Celebrate your  Adorable  Retreat-in-generous zestful Energy   How many avocado pears do you share  with your gorgeous in-dwelling special pulsat-in-g in-spiring… Continue Reading

Healing When Teaching

Freedom Flowing  It is all about Heal-in-gradually Not Teach-in-generously (1) “I like encouraging the little ones to BE in-dependent” in there think-in-gradually Let them do it their way  individually groups quarters halves Whole Class Then teach them how to blend words into sentences in accord with Matter and Beautiful Energy It is in that moment-Om-ment of… Continue Reading

No Tempest to Us

Tempestuous Turbulence Known for his ignorance  Sat coyly listening to an elder imparting words of wisdom About Sister Sun’s Fiery-White-Solar-Inner-Ray; Her De-vine-Light-Essence… Overseer  In days of old when Time stood still Humanity, Globally, agreed to fulfill  The promise they had stilled  In Their hearts to build The Art Of Knowing at will  Enhancing life and… Continue Reading

Time Trusts You

Blossoming Live-Love-Life Love-Live-Life Time is totally  Your Ally; Trusting You to  Rise Above the Pitfalls; Follow every opportunity She-He has created for You Do You trust Time… Time trusts You to… Live Your Life Live-Love-Life Love-Live-Life Freely Willingly On Earth with Your Nature-All Family; Presence Patience Serenity In-Peace-fully It’s Time To Rise BE Who-What You’re meant… Continue Reading

Be the One

Reflections From A Single Light Experience  Changes Your point of view Savour all the instances in every moment Good and bad  Be open  To all the wonderful Opportunities Magic and miracles Speak Truth-fully Lovingly to Yourself Be the one in Honest  Be the one in Oneness Be the One Who is the Presence In the… Continue Reading

River Faith

Water Blessing i  dived into the great River Faith  Rose up with the Almighty i  could not wait To sprinkle the platinum water droplets  Without bait A simple smile Blessed all those who wished to be awake Dive into the great River Faith Rise up One Rise up All Rise up Mighty I (Gift! SA_11012020_1152.01)… Continue Reading

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