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I Am Cango

I Am Cango

Poised In Black & White

I Am Cango

C in Centred

A in Awareness

N in Nourishing

G in Gifts

O  in Oneness 

          Cango Am I

Can We All BE Cango










In Our chosen Col-Ours?

Thank-Yous to All Of Us for the Answers within 

(Gift! SU_190323_0741.01)0

I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

HiiP (Heep))

HiiP (Heep))

Absolute Bliss  Happiness leads to inspiration inspiration leads to inner Peace  Peace which is a result of inner Chi that builds Inner-outer Courage that creates Circles of Creativity to light up Our lovely U-N-I-versality Revolving Ageless Gorgeous Energy Go!  Renew  Glow! Courageously with your hiip Happiness inspiration inner Peace Gift Thanks for Absolute Bliss! I… Continue Reading

I Keep The Seventh

I Keep The Seventh

Queen Of Hearts  I keep the Seventh to write the Create-Hers Wonderful Wealthy Words I keep the Seventh to Savour the Create-Hers Beautiful Energy  I keep the Seventh for… Asking Seeking Knocking on the Create-Hers-His door For All Of Us  to Feel-In-Joy-Oneness  Once More Let Us All  Create-Hers-Create-His-Create Ours I keep the Seventh for gifting… Continue Reading

Creating Joyful Energy

Celestial  Eye Bless each day Creatively Bless-Love each silent sequence Lubricate the world with Joyful Energy Creating Remembering Everything Activating Talents Internal gifts Visions Electrifying Love and the Yellow Light of Life Listening to your Unique Beautiful Revelations Inspiring Creativity Amongst Transformational Energies Joining-in One-ness You-all of us-me-ness  Feeling Utilising Liberating Energy Nourishing Everything &… Continue Reading


Seeing Above & Below  I am i as in Sp-i-rit You are it as in Spir-it We are Sp-i-r-it Let’s be i Let’s be it Let’s live in the Sp-i-r-it Can you see i? Can you see it? Can you feel i? Can you feel it? Love i! Love it! Live i! Live it! Let’s… Continue Reading

Seven Return

One Special Star  Left the Plantation Felt a Sensation New Sister Moon Eye slightly opened Reminded me of lemon quarter Guarded by  The One Special Star no other Oh what Joy! Oh what Fervour! Inner Gladness On way home for supper Arrived home Key to lock Looked back  Looked up My Seven greeted me In… Continue Reading

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