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I Am Happiness Blessed

I Am Happiness Blessed

Beauty’s Eye I Am Happiness Blessed  Happiness Blessed with Healthiness Healthiness Blessed with Wealthiness Wealthiness Blessed with Earthiness Earthiness Blessed with Willingness  Willingness Blessed with Worthiness  Worthiness Blessed with Holiness Holy-i Worthy-i Will-in-g-i Earthy-i Wealthy-i Healthy-i Happy-i Blessed Happiness Am I  Blessed Wealthiness Blessed Earthiness  Blessed Happiness Are WE I palpitate my circles of light… Continue Reading

The Magic

All In Windows “The Magic is just on Pause” (1) ante-meridiem before midday Prosperous Ageless Unique Strong Energy Life is Strong Unique Ageless Prosperous Energy In Me In You In We post-meridiem after midday “The Magic is just on Pause “ For All Of Us Ante-Meridiem Post-Meridiem (1) Primark’s Windows (W_06012021_1532.01) I palpitate my circles… Continue Reading

The Heart

Moon And Matter The heart  always flows feels loves opens welcomes satisfies standing sumptuously thoroughly attentively nobly directly inherently nature-really gratefully  or sitting upright laying down sideways moving left-right-right-left ways heart-ever way it goes  our heart is the one who knows. our  heart  The One  gorgeous reverberating  enthusiastic altruistic  tolerant Heart always flows forever enclosed… Continue Reading

Inner Throne (IT)

Sitting-in-De-Light Sense It! Feel  It Think! It Sow the Seeds for it! Envelope it…inner Core it! Grow it! Gift gratitude for it! Create it! Release it! All the Beautiful Energy In Your Inner Core Sitting on Your Inner Throne BE…IC…IT Beautiful Energy… Inner Core… Inner  Throne… (Gift!) TH_05042018_0520.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf… Continue Reading


Autumnal Regalia Speak  Truth-Fully Live  Joy-Fully Love-Life  With Beauty-Wonder-Fully Create at Will-Fully Be Truthful Live with Joy Find LoWoB… Love Wonder Beauty Create your own life Deliberately Speak  For yourself  Unearth your Beauty In-joy feelings of Wonderment excavated by Silence Love-Live-Life Create Be Grace-Fully Beautiful Energy Gratitude Resilience Adaptability Confidence Enthusiasm Welcome Lowob Discover inner-outer… Continue Reading

Poems Love Me

Watcher In The Ether I love Poems More than anything else  Poems love me They call me When I’m in the kitchen Cooking dishes without chicken  They call me When I’m teaching; little ones are speaking Wonderful words I’m seeking They call me When I’m bathing  Listening Thinking About how fast Life is moving They… Continue Reading

The Key

Releasing Inner Light Make Your life  as You want it to Be Freedom of choice  is the key Willingness to do  For You For We Creates  Beautiful Energy Sun Rise Gift gratitude Practise Your Art quietly Sun Set Connect Gift Thanks Welcome Peace! Rest Repeat Make Your life as  You want it to Be Freedom of… Continue Reading

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