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Bee-Lightful In Eden Speak Simplify your life Prepare for Energy living Abundance Kindergarten-kindness Feel the Joy Feel the Peace Feel the Love Feel the Bliss Feel-Free…Bliss Feel-Free…Love Feel-Free…Peace Feel-Free…Joy No-thing can be better than this No-thing is going amiss One PEA One POD In this Golden Age W_110320_0524.01) I palpitate my circles of light and… Continue Reading

Latt Is The Energy

A-Z Of Being  Latt is Love Appreciation Trust Truth  Love of self stirs love of others that animates Appreciation of Mother Nature and Her children who awakens you to hike; Her Inner-knowing-Eternally-Birthing Force-for-Free Trust-love… You Are who You are meant to BE… listen to Your Truth that lives in Your heart gratefully Truth Trust Appreciation… Continue Reading

Welcome to 2020!

Healing Time Good Morning Angel Warriors! Welcome to 2020! It’s time to party! Persevere Awaken to our truth Recognise our worth Talents to the fore Yellow is the colour of our inner light Let us live life Heartily Impeccably With Clarity Happily With Integrity Let us be… Beautiful Energy Creativity Lovely Gratefully…….. Now! Blessings! All-Ways!… Continue Reading


 Essential Light Liberate  Your Essence Let it pour out  Your Love Let it shine  Your Light Let it wash away all that isn’t really there Shine Shine Your Light Pour out  Your Love Liberate  Your Essence Let Your Creator pour out Your Spirit. (Gift! SU_20012019_1400.01) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you… Continue Reading

Pleasure & Peach

Crystal Clear Contemplation me Beach SAND swelling surf splashing  SEA  OCEAN  HORIZON Vitalizing my day at the beach pleasure & peach rythmic waves gently lashing on shore exchanging greetings eight million years or more Ambience No speech Peace!  Blisssssssss!  Blisssssssss! Peace No Speech Ambience Exchanging Greetings eight million years or more Rhythmic Waves gently lashing… Continue Reading

Grace Is Amazing

Watchers of Silence Opening the Book of Your Life, It states, You are Born Enlightened. Unknowingly,  Sometimes knowingly, You Lose It. Eventually, Whilst following the winding road, Searching for Your Purpose, You sink into Silence. Raising Your Awareness, You Find It.  Full of the great gift of Grace, Now,  Is Your time. Love it! Use… Continue Reading

Well-Being Room

Gold & Green Our well-being room is… Welcoming Energising Love and Laughter Blissfully Entertaining  Inspiring Nurturing Gratifying Rallying Optimism Overcoming Moments of colourlessness Come in! Smile! Stay and play a while Before you say goodbye Can you hear the chime Thank you for visiting our well-being room See you next time  (Gift! On waking up!… Continue Reading

Colour Truth

Nature-Love-Light Truth stares us in the face with Unequivocal Honesty Our senses intuit the reality but We decide to colour Truth with our view from the windows to our soul T elling R eliving U niqueness T rusting H eart Colour Truth From the nucleus of Your sphere Telling Reliving Uniqueness Trusting Heart Colour Truth With Wisdom of Heart (Gift!… Continue Reading

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