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Blessed Physical Energetic Artistic Motion Moving… pacing-toing-froing  Articulating… rising and falling to rhythms and colours Engaging… with zesty-soft tones and beats Perfecting… the experience of love-life-living  Peam PE… Art…Music… Beautiful Energies in Emotion-Motion (On waking up!) (All things the little ones love!) (SU_31032018_0304.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf… Continue Reading


Dawn And Day (DAD)  Do not try to fix what was never whole You are the only driver You control  Hot…Warm…Cold Experiences are needed for Life to grow Pick up Your bitter-sweet brown broken pieces Peace Independence Emotions Clarity Energy Simplicity Go Watch as Your truth unleashes All Your “Red Candle” Wishes (W_11092019_0535.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love… Continue Reading

Inner Throne (IT)

Sitting-in-De-Light Sense It! Feel  It Think! It Sow the Seeds for it! Envelope it…inner Core it! Grow it! Gift gratitude for it! Create it! Release it! All the Beautiful Energy In Your Inner Core Sitting on Your Inner Throne BE…IC…IT Beautiful Energy… Inner Core… Inner  Throne… (Gift!) TH_05042018_0520.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf… Continue Reading

Colour Truth

Nature-Love-Light Truth stares us in the face with Unequivocal Honesty Our senses intuit the reality but We decide to colour Truth with our view from the windows to our soul T elling R eliving U niqueness T rusting H eart Colour Truth From the nucleus of Your sphere Telling Reliving Uniqueness Trusting Heart Colour Truth With Wisdom of Heart (Gift!… Continue Reading


Autumnal Regalia Speak  Truth-Fully Live  Joy-Fully Love-Life  With Beauty-Wonder-Fully Create at Will-Fully Be Truthful Live with Joy Find LoWoB… Love Wonder Beauty Create your own life Deliberately Speak  For yourself  Unearth your Beauty In-joy feelings of Wonderment excavated by Silence Love-Live-Life Create Be Grace-Fully Beautiful Energy Gratitude Resilience Adaptability Confidence Enthusiasm Welcome Lowob Discover inner-outer… Continue Reading

De-vine Design

Spirit In Matter You are De-vine by Design! De-vine Ener-genetic Vibrations Instinctive Numbers Encouraging Designing Everything Starting afresh Inspiring Guidance New  Design by De-vine are You. (Inspired by my friend Khadijah!) (SA_12012019_1801.01) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading

Just Us

Meditating-Inner Light-Within Tabernacle Jesus is in All Of Us Jesus Energy is the Superpower that shines through All Of Us Uniquely Sacredly  To create a shift in focus Jesus Jus-us Just-us Jesus is Jesus is Us Jesus is Just Jesus is in All Of Us Blessing The Age Of Aquarius  Gift! (SU_27012019_1554_01/2_0559) I palpitate my circles of… Continue Reading


Reservoir Mother Inme  Let  Your  Christ   Light  Flow  Fully  to  release ME Memorable Energy Creator lighting the way to Happiness in Oneness Restoring Inner Sounds Of  Full-Black-Ness in Silent Moments   Free  Unflappable Light-Hearted Liberated Feelings Belonging Loving Accepting Communicating Kind words  Novaturient (1) Ethereal Spirit Soul Total Mastery Of Self… Controlled Possessed Confident. Thank… Continue Reading

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