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Let The Sun


Let The Soothing Warmth BE Your Comforter

Let The Sun Embrace Your life

Let The Source Love Your life

Let The Uni-Verse Light up Your life

Let The Nurturer Give You Life

You Are Beautiful Energy-Every Om-ment Moment!

Let The Sun Enamour Your Spirit

Feel All The Glory-to-Us-ness with-in-it

Give Thanks!

(Gift! SA_300422_1044.01)

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace  and engulf you true!


Be the One

Reflections From A Single Light Experience  Changes Your point of view Savour all the instances in every moment Good and bad  Be open  To all the wonderful Opportunities Magic and miracles Speak Truth-fully Lovingly to Yourself Be the one in Honest  Be the one in Oneness Be the One Who is the Presence In the… Continue Reading


Dawn And Day (DAD)  Do not try to fix what was never whole You are the only driver You control  Hot…Warm…Cold Experiences are needed for Life to grow Pick up Your bitter-sweet brown broken pieces Peace Independence Emotions Clarity Energy Simplicity Go Watch as Your truth unleashes All Your “Red Candle” Wishes (W_11092019_0535.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love… Continue Reading

Walk Your Way

Beauty Awakened Follow Faith She will teach you Trust your intuition Know that Duty Obligation Choice Are essential documents that travel with you  On the path you choose to pace  Enlist Patience and Perseverance Let Harmony drizzle you with Light Walk your way You will be Blessed by Peace (Inspired by the little ones who… Continue Reading

Well-Being Room

Gold & Green Our well-being room is… Welcoming Energising Love and Laughter Blissfully Entertaining  Inspiring Nurturing Gratifying Rallying Optimism Overcoming Moments of colourlessness Come in! Smile! Stay and play a while Before you say goodbye Can you hear the chime Thank you for visiting our well-being room See you next time  (Gift! On waking up!… Continue Reading

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