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Drink From Your Cup

All Is Divinely Blessed 

I am drinking from the cup of 
A fresh new approach to living and loving life from the heArt
I am following my perfect heArt
Sharing presents of in-heArt-know-in-gratefully in the Present; 
I am representing the Presence’s-She-He-Art
Giving thanks is an Energetic-EssEn-tial Art
Join me; take heArt
From Your core; 
Your she-he-Art is secure
Giving thanks for the re-start
Of Your in-store Art
In-joy invigorating Your inspiring heArt
Give Thanks!
(Gift! W_260220_0313.01)
I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!


Seeing Beyond I  Am Guided Guarded Protected Grounded in the Love Grounded in the Light Of  My Creator I  Am I Love You! Thank You! (Gift! TU_170320_0416.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading


Blessed Physical Energetic Artistic Motion Moving… pacing-toing-froing  Articulating… rising and falling to rhythms and colours Engaging… with zesty-soft tones and beats Perfecting… the experience of love-life-living  Peam PE… Art…Music… Beautiful Energies in Emotion-Motion (On waking up!) (All things the little ones love!) (SU_31032018_0304.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf… Continue Reading


Dawn And Day (DAD)  Do not try to fix what was never whole You are the only driver You control  Hot…Warm…Cold Experiences are needed for Life to grow Pick up Your bitter-sweet brown broken pieces Peace Independence Emotions Clarity Energy Simplicity Go Watch as Your truth unleashes All Your “Red Candle” Wishes (W_11092019_0535.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love… Continue Reading


 Essential Light Liberate  Your Essence Let it pour out  Your Love Let it shine  Your Light Let it wash away all that isn’t really there Shine Shine Your Light Pour out  Your Love Liberate  Your Essence Let Your Creator pour out Your Spirit. (Gift! SU_20012019_1400.01) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you… Continue Reading

Pleasure & Peach

Crystal Clear Contemplation me Beach SAND swelling surf splashing  SEA  OCEAN  HORIZON Vitalizing my day at the beach pleasure & peach rythmic waves gently lashing on shore exchanging greetings eight million years or more Ambience No speech Peace!  Blisssssssss!  Blisssssssss! Peace No Speech Ambience Exchanging Greetings eight million years or more Rhythmic Waves gently lashing… Continue Reading

Inner Throne (IT)

Sitting-in-De-Light Sense It! Feel  It Think! It Sow the Seeds for it! Envelope it…inner Core it! Grow it! Gift gratitude for it! Create it! Release it! All the Beautiful Energy In Your Inner Core Sitting on Your Inner Throne BE…IC…IT Beautiful Energy… Inner Core… Inner  Throne… (Gift!) TH_05042018_0520.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf… Continue Reading

Morning’s Presence

Morning-Rose Thank You Loving Creator For Your Perfect Presence For Your Calming Essence For Your De-Light Full Days For Your Remarkable Rays For Your Healing Ways For Your Wonderful To-do days Thank You Creator For Casing Your Wholesome Wonderful Todays Your Happy Healing Ways Your Reposeful Remarkable Rays Your Dark-Light Full Days Your Essential Calming Essence In Morning’s Beautiful Perfect Presence Thank… Continue Reading

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