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Dowoad (Dow-ode)

Dowoad (Dow-ode)

Eternal Shapes 

I AM Seeing 

Sailing on
In-Stalls of
Nature Servicing

Through the Dowoad

Daily Living  

There is no Wind

Dangerous Storms

There is only Dow
Days of De-Light-full-Ness
Wonder And Awe

Which is key to a


No immunity 

See through the Dowoad
See through the Open-Hearted Dow
See through the powerful-winning-Door of Your healthy homely heart 
Receive the desires of The One-Heart 
Humbly persue Your Art

(Gift! On waking up_F_240223_2022.01)

I palpitate my circles of light and love 
to embrace and engulf you true!

Who Am I

Solar Source  I Am Willing soul I Am  Happy soul I Am  Original spirit  Spirit Original Am I Soul Happy Am I Soul Willing Am I  That is who…  Who Am I? Who Are You? (Gift! M_101022_1154.01) I palpitate my circles of light and  loveto embrace and engulf you true!   Continue Reading

Annual Action

Free April….Resurrection May… Manifestation June…Salutation July…Pulsation  August…Jubilation September…Superannuation October…Maturation November…Relaxation December…Celebration January…Incubation February…Formation March…Meditation What Act What Actions What do you Act on To fulfill your purpose Monthly Annually  How much do you care for and Celebrate your  Adorable  Retreat-in-generous zestful Energy   How many avocado pears do you share  with your gorgeous in-dwelling special pulsat-in-g in-spiring… Continue Reading

Bring Out Your Best

Bring out your Supreme  Bring out your Supreme  Bring out your Supreme  Bring it out! Bring Out Your BEST Beautiful  Energy  Smiles  Togetherness  Bring Out Your Supreme  Bring Out Your Supreme  Bring Out Your Supreme  Bring It Out!!! (W_02032022_12:44.01) (Inspired by! Y1& Y2 MHall) Continue Reading


Rekindling I’ve forgotten some… But not Everything that supports Eternal Life; De-Light is always available to Validate Euphoric Energy  Remarkable  Yellow Light-heartedness Truth  Happiness  Intrepidly Nourishing Gratitude… Validate the very thing that sustains your positive attitude  Release Your Faith Remember Your Joy! Remember Everything Share Your Prize. Give Thanks! (Gift! F_25022022_1155.01) I palpitate my circles… Continue Reading

Over Flowing With Good Energy

Love Balanced l Age is a number only in Earth years You are spirit so Young Energised  Love Light Overflowing with Good Whole-Some Energy Well-In-Ness Yellow in Living Colour Ecstatic Creater of Life Liberated LoVe-in-LaVe-n-der Opening up to Oneness Wake-Full-Ness Know-In-gness First in me First in You First in We First in All of Us… Continue Reading

Live In Creation

Magical Eden Gratitude Optimism Freedom Loving Yellow Light Healthy-heart Inner-Peace Grace Heavenly Flow Go Fly  High Rise from the River Faith Dive into the River Change Out of the Blackness Comes Brightness Colours of Life-Mastery-Lightness Go! Fly High! Live in Creation Eden promotes Good Relations… One-Nation No Arc  No Ship No P-i-rates No-One i-Rate A… Continue Reading

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