Earth Life Mirroring Blue Moon

Mummy says…

Ask yourself that Question.

You must know your Intention.

Seek your answers from Within.

Trust all you find to Begin

Your role as Queen.

Rest Within.

Form your intention.
 Question everything you think.
It is your birthright to rule your State not kin’s.
Knock gently on the valves that open and close
To guide guard protect every clue the heart stores.

Mummy guides Your way…
Know Your Intention.
Ask Questions of the Self.
Seek Answers from Within.
Knock gently.

Remove the mask that hides your true beauty.
Create the approach differently.
Fall not into the quicksands;
Step into the Sands 
Of Time;
Of Self-Belief;
Focus Intently
To know Your truth Confidently.
Walk Your way Contently.

Walk All-Ways with…
mindfulness-moving in all directions
independent state of knowing 
yellow in the colour of your beingness.

Listen to your Mummy’s…
Motivating words
Unifying notion
Making a difference
Magically to
Your true self.

(Inspired by: Thoughts of childhood)


I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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