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Fruition I’m always daydreaming… De-Lighting-in-my-Fullness Abundance Yellow Light Delivering Reigniting Eternal Amour Motivating Inspiring Nowness Gratefulness Great Fully-fledged in my Humble appreciation of I–ness In my humble appreciation of 1-ness (F_20072018_10:58.01) (Inspired by: Nasir) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading

Passion Practising Patience (PPP)

Living Passionately Passion  Abundance Silence Sincerity Inner Beingness Openness Nowness Peace Reflecting Appreciating Creating Teaching Inspiring Supporting Independence Natural Goodness Purpose Attention Trust Intention Energy Newness Calmness Expressiveness Perceive Your Passion Practise  Your Patience Play Your Purpose Peacefully (On waking up!) W_25042018_0430.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading

Warriors Of Words

I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf you true! We are wordy warriors armed with wealthy words not savage swords Armed with Respect Resilience Integrity Optimism Readiness Service Openness Faith Willingness to accept Overcome Redefine roles by Directing wow words of wonder not Swords We are Armed with Respect Resilience Integrity… Continue Reading

Inme’s Pan Cup

Gifts Wrapped In Cells From her Pan Cup of Steel Inme De Child drinks all Mother Earth’s refreshing Zeal… Peace Abundance Nowness Cradling Universal Presence Stillness Truth Energies Excelling Living in De-Light-Fully. From her Pan Cup of Steel Memorable Energies are Revealed With every beautiful day Hope and Promise are Full-Filled Best wishes always gives… Continue Reading


Earth Life Mirroring Blue Moon Mummy says… Ask yourself that Question. You must know your Intention. Seek your answers from Within. Trust all you find to Begin Your role as Queen. Rest Within. Form your intention.  Question everything you think. It is your birthright to rule your State not kin’s. Knock gently on the valves… Continue Reading

Oils of Grace

Able-Willing-Wise Grace  Anoints me every day She allows me to choose Peace Joy Inspiration Wellness  Happiness All through the day Drives Worry and Fear away Ivy guides me as she shares her  News of the day To the North East West South With all those who come out to play Experience reveals  more Peace  more… Continue Reading

Lilianis the Winter Rose

Lilianis (LWRR) Lilian came today  Appeared as a Wonderful Winter Rose at Mid-day To remind me of my purpose and my stay  On Earth – through my kitchen window – no dismay My mission…   Inspiring  Encouraging  Little Ones To Know that they are ALL  Amazing Loving Light WON-DER-FUL! Wonder-in-the-Full AWE-in-the-Full BEAU-T-I-FUL! Beauty-in-the-Full AS THEY ARE. As… Continue Reading

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