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I Am Creation

Golden Eden

I Am Creation

Circles of Light-Love







Nourishing Nature Earth Eve Ether
 The Life Source of The Creator
Nourishing every creature

Creation Am I
I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

Golden Friendships

Unity  “Friendship is a golden chain where two friends are together and if you do not break the chain  we’ll be friends forever.” Gratitude Open-mindedness Liberation Devotion Enlightenment Naturally Captivating Heart-warming Ascension Insightfully Nature’s-Nationality Find the Joy-in the chain that creates golden friendships. (Inspired: AJ-TF) (Gift! W_21102020_1022.01) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto… Continue Reading

Be the One

Reflections From A Single Light Experience  Changes Your point of view Savour all the instances in every moment Good and bad  Be open  To all the wonderful Opportunities Magic and miracles Speak Truth-fully Lovingly to Yourself Be the one in Honest  Be the one in Oneness Be the One Who is the Presence In the… Continue Reading

Walk Your Way

Beauty Awakened Follow Faith She will teach you Trust your intuition Know that Duty Obligation Choice Are essential documents that travel with you  On the path you choose to pace  Enlist Patience and Perseverance Let Harmony drizzle you with Light Walk your way You will be Blessed by Peace (Inspired by the little ones who… Continue Reading

Pleasure & Peach

Crystal Clear Contemplation me Beach SAND swelling surf splashing  SEA  OCEAN  HORIZON Vitalizing my day at the beach pleasure & peach rythmic waves gently lashing on shore exchanging greetings eight million years or more Ambience No speech Peace!  Blisssssssss!  Blisssssssss! Peace No Speech Ambience Exchanging Greetings eight million years or more Rhythmic Waves gently lashing… Continue Reading

Inner Throne (IT)

Sitting-in-De-Light Sense It! Feel  It Think! It Sow the Seeds for it! Envelope it…inner Core it! Grow it! Gift gratitude for it! Create it! Release it! All the Beautiful Energy In Your Inner Core Sitting on Your Inner Throne BE…IC…IT Beautiful Energy… Inner Core… Inner  Throne… (Gift!) TH_05042018_0520.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf… Continue Reading

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