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Etheric Magic 


Rosa sent an Angel to bless us all as we sat in circles in the Park-in-Lot-s

The Angel
Earthlings-everyone-thing-Ether & BE-yond
The Angel brought balance with the click of technology and swish of her magical-finger wand 


(Gift! SU’_290123_0733.01)

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!


Pleasure & Peach

Crystal Clear Contemplation me Beach SAND swelling surf splashing  SEA  OCEAN  HORIZON Vitalizing my day at the beach pleasure & peach rythmic waves gently lashing on shore exchanging greetings eight million years or more Ambience No speech Peace!  Blisssssssss!  Blisssssssss! Peace No Speech Ambience Exchanging Greetings eight million years or more Rhythmic Waves gently lashing… Continue Reading

Well-Being Room

Gold & Green Our well-being room is… Welcoming Energising Love and Laughter Blissfully Entertaining  Inspiring Nurturing Gratifying Rallying Optimism Overcoming Moments of colourlessness Come in! Smile! Stay and play a while Before you say goodbye Can you hear the chime Thank you for visiting our well-being room See you next time  (Gift! On waking up!… Continue Reading


Autumnal Regalia Speak  Truth-Fully Live  Joy-Fully Love-Life  With Beauty-Wonder-Fully Create at Will-Fully Be Truthful Live with Joy Find LoWoB… Love Wonder Beauty Create your own life Deliberately Speak  For yourself  Unearth your Beauty In-joy feelings of Wonderment excavated by Silence Love-Live-Life Create Be Grace-Fully Beautiful Energy Gratitude Resilience Adaptability Confidence Enthusiasm Welcome Lowob Discover inner-outer… Continue Reading

Prayer For A Teenager Seeking Knowledge

Eternal Flow Aligned to the true essence of her beautiful energy, Aaliyah Lived her life connected, willingly, to her truth and the love of   The Creator. In the depth of her gracious, merciful, happy heart, Youthful, sweet, warm love and light flowed. A teenager seeking knowledge as to the right path to follow. Heaven summoned… Continue Reading


Into The Light Pain is never seen Only the fact that he has been Pens reveal the truth behind the scenes All that is hidden behind locks and in-between Connect constantly Use your pens regularly Perseverance and resilience in the Present Emotive wealthy wonderful words Nourishes all those in need of Sanctuary (Gift! TU_05022019_0530.01) I palpitate… Continue Reading

De-vine Design

Spirit In Matter You are De-vine by Design! De-vine Ener-genetic Vibrations Instinctive Numbers Encouraging Designing Everything Starting afresh Inspiring Guidance New  Design by De-vine are You. (Inspired by my friend Khadijah!) (SA_12012019_1801.01) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading

Just Us

Meditating-Inner Light-Within Tabernacle Jesus is in All Of Us Jesus Energy is the Superpower that shines through All Of Us Uniquely Sacredly  To create a shift in focus Jesus Jus-us Just-us Jesus is Jesus is Us Jesus is Just Jesus is in All Of Us Blessing The Age Of Aquarius  Gift! (SU_27012019_1554_01/2_0559) I palpitate my circles of… Continue Reading


Living I love BEing Present Connecting to my favourite treasures Attentiveness Responding Thoughtfully Intentionally Consistently User-friendly Learning Actively Transparently Influencing Nurturing Gorgeousness Beautiful Energy Inspiring Newness Gathering Silence  (Inspired by my son Benjamin – age 2!) (SU_04112018_1644.01) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading

Tuned And In Harmony

Joy-In-Full-Ness “You so deserve it. You dear loving soul. You are tuned and in harmony” With Now Energy Sizzling Simplicity Together-ness Unique-ness Nothing-ness Energetic-ness Devoted-ness Inner Be-ing-ness Nurturing Happy-ness Abundance Responsibility Motivating Organising New-ness Yes-in-De-Light-Full-ness With ALL the Creator stored in You  For Your BE-ing-Ness Abundance Love Light Beautiful Energy Inner Nourishment Grate-In-Full-Ness Now Energy Sizzling Simplicity.… Continue Reading

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