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 Essential Light Liberate  Your Essence Let it pour out  Your Love Let it shine  Your Light Let it wash away all that isn’t really there Shine Shine Your Light Pour out  Your Love Liberate  Your Essence Let Your Creator pour out Your Spirit. (Gift! SU_20012019_1400.01) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you… Continue Reading

Pleasure & Peach

Crystal Clear Contemplation me Beach SAND swelling surf splashing  SEA  OCEAN  HORIZON Vitalizing my day at the beach pleasure & peach rythmic waves gently lashing on shore exchanging greetings eight million years or more Ambience No speech Peace!  Blisssssssss!  Blisssssssss! Peace No Speech Ambience Exchanging Greetings eight million years or more Rhythmic Waves gently lashing… Continue Reading


Autumnal Regalia Speak  Truth-Fully Live  Joy-Fully Love-Life  With Beauty-Wonder-Fully Create at Will-Fully Be Truthful Live with Joy Find LoWoB… Love Wonder Beauty Create your own life Deliberately Speak  For yourself  Unearth your Beauty In-joy feelings of Wonderment excavated by Silence Love-Live-Life Create Be Grace-Fully Beautiful Energy Gratitude Resilience Adaptability Confidence Enthusiasm Welcome Lowob Discover inner-outer… Continue Reading

The Key

Releasing Inner Light Make Your life  as You want it to Be Freedom of choice  is the key Willingness to do  For You For We Creates  Beautiful Energy Sun Rise Gift gratitude Practise Your Art quietly Sun Set Connect Gift Thanks Welcome Peace! Rest Repeat Make Your life as  You want it to Be Freedom of… Continue Reading


Conscious Remain Full Drink from Your Pan Cup Peace Abundance Nowness Cradling Universal Presence Dive deeper into wholeness Of Well-Being Quench Your thirst through WisdomEnergyLiberationListeningBelievingEstablishingIntentionally NourishingGood indwelling spirit (Gift! 01012019_1137.01) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading


Caged Exited red Earth Cruiser Stepped into cool night soother Found beaming light nearer Saw cloud of dust like three leaf clover Stampede! Herd moved closer Heard live me a-loner Spirit moved faster Came I the diffuser Civilian!  To the Creator  Transformer Knoveser Healer  Lover (Gift! W_31102018_2317.01_0744) I palpitate my circles of light an loveto… Continue Reading

Deeply Involved

C In Centred I am deeply involved with Life Living Immersed in the Force of  Ecstasy Deeply involved with Life am I Dedicated Energised Embodying the Love Practising Living in the Yellow Light Identifying Nowness Valuing Openness Learning Victoriously Educating the Deeper part of All Of Us That which belongs to the Universe (Inspired by:… Continue Reading


Living-Lovely-in-Ness No I-Island am I You are no I-Island We-Men are islands under the rotating Nourishing Umbrella of the Solar System Communicating with Life through the Prism Spinning like the colours on the spectrum Riding the wavelengths to the maximum Creating a new Light Curriculum Listening to the beat of the Sun’s drum Having fun… Continue Reading

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