Ness Am I

Eternal Note

I am Goodness
I am Openness
I am De-Light-Fullness
I am Nowness
I am Energeticness
I am Sweetness
I am Success-Fullness

Goodness am I
Openness am I
De-Light-Fullness am I
Nowness am I
Energeticness am I
Sweetness am I
Success-Fullness am I

I am Good-in-my-Ness
I am Open-in-my-Ness
I am De-Light-in-my-Full-Ness
I am Now-in-my-Ness
I am Energetic-in-my-Ness
I am Sweet-in-my-Ness
I am Success-Full-in-my-Ness

Good in my Ness am I
Open in my Ness am I
De-Light in my Full-Ness am I
Now in my Ness am I
Energetic in my Ness am I
Sweet in my Ness am I
Success-Full in my Ness am I


(On waking up!)

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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