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rising and falling to rhythms and colours
with zesty-soft tones and beats
the experience of love-life-living 
PE… Art…Music…
Beautiful Energies in Emotion-Motion

(On waking up!)

(All things the little ones love!)


I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

Inner Throne (IT)

Sitting-in-De-Light Sense It! Feel  It Think! It Sow the Seeds for it! Envelope it…inner Core it! Grow it! Gift gratitude for it! Create it! Release it! All the Beautiful Energy In Your Inner Core Sitting on Your Inner Throne BE…IC…IT Beautiful Energy… Inner Core… Inner  Throne… (Gift!) TH_05042018_0520.01) I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf… Continue Reading

Colour Truth

Nature-Love-Light Truth stares us in the face with Unequivocal Honesty Our senses intuit the reality but We decide to colour Truth with our view from the windows to our soul T elling R eliving U niqueness T rusting H eart Colour Truth From the nucleus of Your sphere Telling Reliving Uniqueness Trusting Heart Colour Truth With Wisdom of Heart (Gift!… Continue Reading


Eyes Eternal Went to sleep last evening Listening! To the dropping, dancing Rain Returning  Ancestors Initiating Newness Woke up this morning to the Rhythmic Rain  Rested to the Rhythm Rain, rain,  Rain R-ai-n-in-in-in-ing The Ancestors aren’t simply playing Much Saying At times, in union with Lightning Cracking Followed by Thunder Bolting Let the Light-In; embrace… Continue Reading

Responsibility Takes Action

Inner Journey Responsibility takes Action Entranced by Gratitude Sweet on the Power of Nothingness Officiating the Nowness of Eternal  Service with Success Identifying talents, true beauty of the Belle Blue Ball where the spark of life Ignites the fire and flames of unconditional  Love that is supported by Innate Tenderness of the soothing Yellow Light Yellow Light  Tenderness… Continue Reading

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