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Prayer For A Teenager Seeking Knowledge

Eternal Flow
Aligned to the true essence of her beautiful energy,


Lived her life connected, willingly, to her truth and the love of 
 The Creator.

In the depth of her gracious, merciful, happy heart,

Youthful, sweet, warm love and light flowed.

A teenager seeking knowledge as to the right path to follow.

Heaven summoned our precious daughter to the fold; replacing our feelings of Joy with sorrow;

We pray each day as there are no tomorrows.

This is a prayer for a blessed, beloved, thoughtful teenager who personified…

A positive attitude
A passion for living
Yellow light of life in
Healing all those blessed by her presence.

Thank you Aaliyah!

May you… Repose In Perpetual Light.


(Inspired by: My dear friend Sonia!)
(Gift! 27032019_0212.01)
I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

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