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Escorting Spring

In the Inn 

There is a room
All Of Us Spring
forth from Mother Earth’s Universal Womb

She assures
There is room
In the Inn



Opening up
Owning Our

All Of Us spring forth from her inner munificence

There is always room in Mother Earth’s Universal Womb.

(Gift! F_01022019_2248.01)

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!


Caged Exited red Earth Cruiser Stepped into cool night soother Found beaming light nearer Saw cloud of dust like three leaf clover Stampede! Herd moved closer Heard live me a-loner Spirit moved faster Came I the diffuser Civilian!  To the Creator  Transformer Knoveser Healer  Lover (Gift! W_31102018_2317.01_0744) I palpitate my circles of light an loveto… Continue Reading

Tuned And In Harmony

Joy-In-Full-Ness “You so deserve it. You dear loving soul. You are tuned and in harmony” With Now Energy Sizzling Simplicity Together-ness Unique-ness Nothing-ness Energetic-ness Devoted-ness Inner Be-ing-ness Nurturing Happy-ness Abundance Responsibility Motivating Organising New-ness Yes-in-De-Light-Full-ness With ALL the Creator stored in You  For Your BE-ing-Ness Abundance Love Light Beautiful Energy Inner Nourishment Grate-In-Full-Ness Now Energy Sizzling Simplicity.… Continue Reading

Present Tense

Earthly Blessings I  Love  My Family and Friends unreservedly Each One Performs Perfectly the role  They were sent  To Play  With Love as the True essence No Drama! Assuring Bliss in the PRESENT TENSE Perseverance Responsibility Energy Sincerity Eagerness Nurturing Togetherness Tolerance Efficiency Nourishing Servicing Education I Am TENSE in the Present (Gift! SA_15092018_1115.01) I palpitate… Continue Reading

Who Writes It?

Reflections-In-Real-Time I  Am Be…ing Think…ing Feel…ing Say…ing Writ…ing Liv…ing Oneness of Soul. All is Spirit  Beautiful Energy  Who Thinks it Feels it Says it Writes it Lives it. BE it! Think it! Feel it! Say it! Write it! Live it! Who writes it? I Am Is  Writ…ing Present Future Present  Past Oneness Of She-He Oneness Of One Oneness… Continue Reading


Fruition I’m always daydreaming… De-Lighting-in-my-Fullness Abundance Yellow Light Delivering Reigniting Eternal Amour Motivating Inspiring Nowness Gratefulness Great Fully-fledged in my Humble appreciation of I–ness In my humble appreciation of 1-ness (F_20072018_10:58.01) (Inspired by: Nasir) I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you true! Continue Reading

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