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Flow In!

 Flow In!

All of Us
See how it glitters
glows with the Yellow Light
secured within its
Spotless sparkling filtering fingers
that display all the colours of Love and Life
Mocking that which lies in the belly
Of our happy-humming-humble hearts;
That which lies in the core of  the One Heart
that gives each one of us a free prosperous start.

(Gift! On waking up W_20112019_0444))

I palpitate my circles of light and love
to embrace and engulf you true!

Law Claws

BEing-Wiseness Be Abundance  Love  Wisdom Have  Love Abundance Wisdom Use Love Abundance Wisdom To Live a Good Life Be the Law Have the Law Use the Law To Live a Good Life The Law is our Shepherd There is No Thing We shall want Be… Have… Use… All the claws One needs  Clarity  Love Abundance… Continue Reading

Warriors Of Words

I palpitate my circles of light and love to embrace and engulf you true! We are wordy warriors armed with wealthy words not savage swords Armed with Respect Resilience Integrity Optimism Readiness Service Openness Faith Willingness to accept Overcome Redefine roles by Directing wow words of wonder not Swords We are Armed with Respect Resilience Integrity… Continue Reading

Baby Energy

I palpitate my circles of light and loveto embrace and engulf you true! You call me Beloved Energy Blessed Energy Brilliant Energy Nine months later Here I Am  Sent by the Stars to   BE Beautiful Baby Beautiful Energy Sent by the stars to Answer Your call To Baby Energy For You to remember The Beauty in… Continue Reading

Started Something

Colours Cocooned Eye  Started Something  Yesterday By wearing my colours of the day A touch of Silver on my chest Shining Illuminating Lace of neck Versatile Easily-flexible Receptive to change too Reminds me to wear my jacket and vest  Dress-best… Blue Consider all I have to do Black Always carry a little snack  Gold–Green  I… Continue Reading

Hope Fully-Innergised

Genuine Still-Life What is your name?  Asked Charity. My name…  Hope! Of the fully energised Fully-Innergised Family. I am Hopefully… Happiness Opulence Prosperity Emerging Faithfully Unifying Liberating Lighting the  Yellow Candle of Life With my friends Faith, Charity and Pigada…  Profound Inner Gratitude and Deepest Appreciation! (Inspired by: My children, Ben & Anton!) (TH_09112017_0805.01) I… Continue Reading

Living In Your Light

Unzipped Blessed Christ Light You draw Us nearer to  Your Loving Heart  To Live there Ever and Ever as Before… Beautiful Energy Forever Overcoming Rejuvenating Exultation  You stay at Our side Left and Right  Wandering Earth’s Plain Listening to the News… North East West South Paying attention to the Seasons and the Rain… Returning Ancestors… Continue Reading


Beauty At Rest You are Gentle Genuine gracious Inner Light Everlasting etheric energy in the Now Talented and Gifted more than You know Liberated fully Free Excelling in all that You do with Love Gentle are You (F_09062017_0645.01) (Inspired by Miriam! A lovely young lady from France visiting London for the weekend.) I palpitate my circles… Continue Reading

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